Tips on how to reap big from your CBD online sales

April 2, 2019 0 Comment

Many companies are offering their CBD products online. The market is big as many people have realized that CBD can treat a number of diseases and conditions both in the adult and paediatric populations. But before long, it is important to understand what CBD means. CBD is a compound found in the weed plant that does not have psychoactive properties and has healing qualities. The compound that makes people feel high and paranoid is known as THC. This article will offer you important tips on what you can do to succeed in the ever competitive CBD market in the US.

  • Educative information-If you’re an online CBD seller, it is important to have your website where you post informative content about CBD products and their importance. Most potential clients need to understand what CBD treats, its side effects and its cost. Clients may also want to understand the method that you applied to extract the oil and where you sourced the weed from. When you provide your clients with this informative content, they will trust your brand and regard you as an authority in the CBD field.
  • Third party lab test-To make the client know that you deal in quality products, it is important to have your CBD tested by a third-party lab. The lab will indicate the quality of your products by looking at various aspects like how the weed was grown, the amount of CBD in it, the amount of THC and presence of any toxic elements. Many clients will want to see a lab report on your website before they make an order.
  • Amount of THC-Many states in the US allow a maximum amount of THC in your CBD to be 0.3%. Ensure that your product has this amount and inform your online clients accordingly. Remember that most of them may not want to be impaired when performing their duties.
  • Ingredients used– The Xpress CBD Botanicals product must clearly display the ingredients used to make the product. You need to let the clients understand why those ingredients were used.
  • Source of hemp-The place where hemp was sourced from must be clearly indicated in your website. There are various places where hemp can be sourced from like China and Europe. However, hemp that is sourced from the US has high quality because of nutritious soils. Many CBD clients in America prefer buying a product that has been sourced from the US. The clients also like products that has been organically cultivated.
  • The type of CBD used in the product– There are 3 main options that the clients are faced with when shopping for CBD. These include full spectrum CBD, full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.


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